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amazon com the mystery of the nine samsons kid detective - an exciting video series using great bible stories as the inspiration for the adventure packed life of harry whodunit the samsons continue to be the worst baseball team in town even though they have grown their hair long in hopes of some miraculous strength but they can t win any games, lecture the hard boiled tradition in crime fiction whodunit - lecture the hard boiled tradition in crime fiction sunday jan 25 2009 by jack the hard boiled tradition in crime fiction the period between world war one and world war two was a new era for crime fiction the earlier formative years stretching back to the 1840s beginning with edgar allan poe and concluding with sir arthur conan doyle gave way to new formats, whodunit math puzzles bill wise lucy corvino - whodunit math puzzles bill wise lucy corvino on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers an urgent call has gone out a series of outrageous crimes must be solved usion superior math and logic skills you ve got a real knack for these subjects, detective story narrative genre britannica com - detective story detective story type of popular literature in which a crime is introduced and investigated and the culprit is revealed the traditional elements of the detective story are 1 the seemingly perfect crime 2 the wrongly accused suspect at whom circumstantial evidence points 3 the bungling of, gillian flynn s sharp objects is a whodunit and a - amy adams stars as camille preaker in the hbo adaptation of the mystery novel flynn helped adapt the book for the screen and says the story is a murder mystery wrapped around a character study, detective old time radio - the adventures of the abbotts stars claudia morgan and les damon as the husband and wife detective team jean and pat abbott in each episode jean helps her husband a well renowned san franciscan private eye to solve yet another mystery, the accidental detective 2 pleasant mediocrity star2 com - the accidental detective 2 in action is fairly standard comedy flick that knows not to take itself too seriously although it is not thought provoking on any level it is an easy fare to sit through if you want to while away two hours